Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Me voy a Riverside!!

They're blurry some of them but these are pictures with some of the greatest people I love so much!

Hello family and friends!
Yes, I am getting transferred which was a huge surprise. Hermana Ramirez left for Mexico this morning and I am going to Riverside and was called to be an stl (sister training leader) there. I could not be more excited but also nervous for this amazing opportunity! If anyone has any advice let me know. :)
This week was great, and I have loved the time I have spent here in Cumorah and with Hermana Ramirez. I have learned so much! 
Last Monday we had the opportunity to do family home evening with the cutest family ever and it was so much fun. It made me appreciate my family and it made me so happy because I know that through the Plan of Salvation eternal families are possible!
I love this gospel and the hope and happiness it brings, and I can't wait to have more adventures and get to know more people in riverside. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!
Hermana Frank 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Miracles from mosquitoes

Hello everyone!

Yes this week having mosquitoes constantly attacking us actually paid off! We were knocking doors getting eating alive, and a woman named Isabel saw that and let us right in. We talked for a while and she told us she had been to church before with her cousins in Mexico! We were able to say a prayer with her and her husband, and set up an appointment to return! It was so cool to see the spirit touch their hearts and they had so many questions and were so willing to learn more. We are so excited to go back and visit them!

This week we had another super cool miracle. We were knocking doors and this lady opened up. She didn't speak very good English, she was from Brazil and spoke a little Spanish. We explained who we were and she let us right in.  She told us her and her mother in law had prayed just 2 hours earlier to have someone sent from God to pray with them.  They felt their prayers would be answered and then we showed up!  It was seriously so amazing, and me and Hermana Ramirez said a prayer with them and the spirit was so strong.  We are going to pass them along to the Brazilian elders, I will keep you updated. :)

Hermana Frank

Pedicures with the sisters

Birthday party for a recent convert.               Jorge is a recent convert too and he was able to baptize her.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tacos de lengua

Hello everyone!

This week was a great week, full of exciting adventures and biking in the rain and heat. Good times. For real though, I absolutely have loved being able to bike. It gives us the opportunity to meet so many more people! And this week while biking we had a really cool experience. 
I have been trying very very hard this week to stop and pray a lot to be led by the spirit more. While we ride bikes I'm always praying to know where to go and who to talk to. I felt like we should go visit a potential contact, even though it was a little out of the way. We stopped by and she wasn't there. But that's okay, a little bit down the road, we met the greatest family who was more than happy to invite us back. They have been looking for a church and want their kids to grow up with a faith in Christ. They are so prepared and we can't wait to keep teaching them! It was such a miracle that we met them, and I know that if we act on promptings, even if we don't see an immediate blessing, it will come. Sometimes the Lord tests us to see if we can really be trusted to act on promptings no matter what, and He will always reward us for listening. 
The Lord will always answer our prayers is the bottom line from this week. 
We have been working a lot with all the recent converts and less active, and I love them all so much! I honestly don't know what will happen next transfer...I really don't even want to think about it. It is so weird I have been here for my entire mission haha. But that won't be for a while, I will keep y'all updated.
Thank you all for your love and support! Have a great week!
Hermana Frank 
Also yes I tried tacos de lengua for the first time this week, they were really good!

This little girl Vanessa drew a picture of me, she is the cutest.

This frog has been outside our door for days now. What's a good name for it?
Service with the sisters.
Mr tinos, we introduced the sisters to it and now we are all addicted. You know that candy on the spoon I thought was so gross dad? Yeah I'm addicted now. Weird how a mission can change you in more ways than one haha
when the elders give you candy from Colombia yessssss

Thursday, July 20, 2017

July 17, 2017

Hello everyone!

This week was so fantastic! I can't remember all the details however, and have been so busy I have neglected to write in my journal... so I will just tell a few stories.
This week we had interviews with the new president and his wife and they are the greatest! I cannot wait to work with them, and I know the Lord put us all here at this specific time in Georgia for a reason. 
We also had the opportunity this week to visit a less active who is really struggling. With work, friends, her testimony, and it was such a blessing to be able to visit her. We felt inspired to share what we did, and the spirit was really strong as we testified of Christ and his love for her. Since then, she has thanked us every day for visiting her, it made her feel so much better and helped her carry on. I know that simple acts of bearing testimony or providing service for someone can change their lives.
I challenge you all this week to go out of your way to do a simple act of service for someone else. I know that as we serve others we feel happier and more love for those we are serving. I love you all and I love the people here in Georgia!
Have a great week!
Hermana Frank 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Hello everyone!

My companion said something this week that made me laugh. We got in a car accident, (we were getting stuff out of the back seat when a lady just backed into us) and luckily no one was hurt. We were talking about how the Lord really protects his missionaries, and she goes, "yeah missionaries survive hurricanes, earthquakes, car crashes, and all sorts of natural disasters. We are like cockroaches!" Haha it made us both laugh really hard. But it also made me really think. We are so lucky, well I am so lucky, to be able to see the Lords hand in my life and all the tender mercies He has given me. And while on my mission I have been able to notice them a lot more. The Lord truly loves, protects, and blesses us!

This week we also were able to meet the new mission President and his wife! They are so sweet and I am so excited to work with them! After the meeting I felt so spiritually renewed and so excited to get back to missionary work! I love going to meetings like that, and can't wait for many more with the Marshs.

A cool miracle this week, was while we were studying in McDonald's (we didn't have time to bike all the way home) we decided to pray to know whether or not to drop some investigators that havent really been keeping commitments. We prayed and then talked and right after we decided to drop them, a lady came up to us and set up an appointment with us! She was an old contact and wasn't there when we stopped by, so we figured she wasn't interested. But she told us she was just busy then but she wants us to come by and basically set up her own appointment. It was so amazing! The Lord will bless us as we follow promptings and turn to Him for guidance and help.

I love this work and I love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Frank

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wringing out dress in Walmart

Hello everyone!

Well this week was an adventure to say the least. But it was so great. :) 

I am so blessed to be companions with the new Hermana Ramirez! She is the absolute greatest! She is from Texas and speaks perfect Spanish (it was her first language) so she is helping me with mine. We learn a lot from each other and get along really well. I am so blessed with such a talented and spiritual trainee! The only thing that makes me sad, is she is visa waiting, so she will be leaving to Mexico once she gets her visa. :( but that's okay we are so grateful to have her here for now with us. :)

This week has been a little rough riding in the POURING rain.... Haha we had to stop at Wal-Mart to dry off and literally we wrung out our dresses. People thought we were crazy, and I definitely felt crazy. But we had people to teach and places to be, so we put on our ponchos and rain jackets and went out no matter if it was rain or shine. 

I realized especially this week that the Lord always stretches us to become the best we can, but He never stretches us far enough to break. We just have to trust Him and let Him mold us and give us trials so we can reach the potential He has planned for us. I know that through His gospel and this mission, I have been stretched and have grown so much. (Not upwards obviously, maybe a little horizontally, but I have grown soooooooo much spiritually). I love this gospel and the mission experience I have had thus far, and I wouldn't want to give up any of the trials or hardships I have had. 

Thank you for all of your support and emails. I truly have the best family and friends in the world. 

Love you all, have a great week!!

Hermana Frank

Saturday, July 1, 2017

What to expect when you're expecting...car shares

Well, transfer calls were this week, and I was given the amazing opportunity to train the new hermana coming out! Her name is also Hermana Ramirez haha which is pretty funny. But I am so excited! Overwhelmed and full of feelings of inadequacy, but super excited nonetheless. :) and yes, we get to now share a car with the elders, which means a lot more biking. But hey that's alright, I know blessings will come from biking and who knows, maybe our next baptism will be a biking contact!

This week was full of miracles and great moments. The best thing was this week, we had a baptism of a little girl named Alexandra. It was so cute to see her baptized and how happy her family was. (They are all members). I asked her after how she felt, and she was so happy and you could tell. It was so cute to see, and it made me so glad and grateful for this gospel that blesses the lives of families so much!

We also got to teach the sweetest family this week. They were a referral from all the way down in papermill, so we had to drive a long ways to get there. Once we were almost there, we realized that we were on the border of not just our area, but our mission. We had an appointment with them in 15 minutes, so we quickly called people and received permission to go visit them. They are so elect! The spirit was so strong in the lesson, and the cute daughter (she is 11) is the only member because her grandma is a member and she used to go to church with her. She wants to go to the temple really badly, and her family is really open to coming to church and learning more. We have to pass them along to the missionaries in the Atlanta mission, but it was such a spiritual experience teaching them and I am so grateful for that opportunity!

I love this work and I love being a missionary! I love you all and am so grateful for your support! And if you have any advice for me for training, please let me know! Haha

Have a great week!

Hermana Frank

The cute family we taught from Honduras. It was the dad's birthday so they shared the cake with us.
Carmen and us. :)
The closest thing to snow here in Georgia.
I caught a firefly for her because she had never seen one. (It was sister Murdoch we were on exchanges)
Our district. I dunno how it happened where the shortest and the tallest were put side by side but ugh whatever yeah I'm short.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Ready, set, goal!

Hola familia y amigos!

This week was one based on goals. Which now after this week, I have realized every week, and every day should be based on. We always set goals, but for some reason this week we were absolutely determined to set a higher goal and accomplish it. Because we set such a high goal this week, we literally talked to EVERYONE. People getting in their cars, people on their bikes, we stopped anyone and everyone. And we were able to hear so many cool stories, make so many days, and feel the spirit and love of God for even more of His children! I know that as we set goals we are able to realize our full potential and be better instruments in the Lord's hands. He helps us accomplish the things we set out to do, and never leaves us alone. 

I challenge you all to see a goal and then work hard to accomplish it. Start with small things, and depend on the Lord and I know He will help. 

Anyways so yeah this week was great. It was hard because we didn't have a ton of lessons so we were outside a lot, and it was super hot and humid this week. And will only get worse haha. But as I said, it was a successful week and we saw a lot of blessings from setting goals and trying our best to accomplish them! 

We also were able to see Macaria and Carmen confirmed this week. :) It was so amazing. I absolutely love them both so much and am so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary and see how much joy the gospel brings to so many people. 

We met two amazing new investigators this week, and are so excited to keep teaching them! They both have a lot of questions and are super eager and willing to learn. Please pray for Diana and Erik! 

Thank you all again for your love and support, and happy late fathers day! Haha

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Hermana Frank

Allison will be getting a new mission president and I saw this picture they posted on  the mission Facebook page.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Let go, and let God

Hello family and friends!

This week was so great! I will start off with the exciting news of two baptisms! We had both Macaria and Carmen get baptized this week! It was such a miracle and so exciting. Macaria had called us two days before her baptism saying she had to go to the hospital in an ambulance and was still feeling pretty awful. She was so prepared to be baptized though, and really wanted to have that opportunity. So Hermana Ramirez and I fasted and prayed and that morning Macaria came to church! She immediately got a priesthood blessing and then right after church she was baptized with Carmen. It was such a miracle. 

Honestly this week was a lot of crazy planning for the baptism and stressful moments, but seeing two people who I love so much being baptized made me so indescribably happy. Truly my joy was so full, and I was and am so grateful to be a missionary and help people feel of the happiness that this gospel brings me. 

This week we also had zone conference, which is always so uplifting and inspiring. We had a question and answer session with President Bennion, and one missionary asked what the hardest thing about the mission was, and President said that he had to learn to "let go, and let God." I thought about that a lot throughout the week and when things got stressful I had to realize that this is God's work. His work and His glory, His entire purpose, is for us to have joy. And sometimes we need to let Him guide us and carry us through the hard things so we can grow and develop and get better and find real happiness!

I am so grateful for this gospel, and for all of you and your support. Have a great week!

Hermana Frank 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Get the sunglasses

Hello family and friends!

I hope that you all had a great week this week!

Contrary to what the subject may say, this week was super rainy. We did a lot of walking through puddles, and getting drenched in the rain. But we did see the spirit a lot this week.

We had 3 investigators at church, Macaria, and Carmen and her daughter Diana. Macaria had her baptism interview to get baptized next week and man you should have seen her face when she walked out. She was glowing. You almost needed sunglasses to even look at her. It was so great! She was so so happy and you could tell.

Another cool experience was this week when we were tracting. We met some guy and then introduced him to the thought of having a modern day prophet. You should have seen his face light up. "That makes so much sense!" He said. 

I love being a missionary and sharing my testimony about things like that and seeing it change the lives of people. 

This weekend was a little rough, as I got some tough family news. But through a lot of fasting and prayer, I know that the Lord listens to us. He loves us and is waiting to answer our prayers we just need to ask. 

I hope you all have a great week, I am praying for you all so much!

Con amor,
Hermana Frank 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Cold McDonalds

Macaria's birthday

Macaria's baby bunnies


This week was so full of amazing experiences, including cold McDonalds. Which was an awesome experience, regardless of how it may sound. It didn't necessarily taste the best, but was given with lots of love. Our investigator Macaria lives with two daughters, and while they are not interested in our message, they are so kind to us. They treat us like family, and the other day we were visiting Macaria and then we had to leave, but she called us back about 30 minutes later. Her daughter had brought home sandwiches and fries for us and wanted us to come eat because she loves eating with us and having a family dinner. I think she can feel of the spirit, and hopefully she will be interested one day. :) 

And great news with Macaria, she is on date to be baptized again! Last week, a family was baptized and after she said she wasn't scared anymore, and this week she told us she felt like she could do anything! She knows this church is true and loves reading in the bom, and is so prepared! Please continue to pray for her!

A truly spiritual experience this week was while visiting a less active member. She is going through a lot right now, and we basically just testified of God's love for her and how He is waiting for us, we just need to rely on Him. I could feel the spirit very strongly as I testified, and I could feel of God's love for her and for me. I know that He loves each one of us and wants us to be happy! We just need to turn to Him for peace and happiness and He is more than willing to give it to us.
At the end of the lesson, she prayed and the spirit filled the room. She asked if God loves her, and we all could feel that YES yes He did. And does. He loves each of us so much. I know that.

I hope that you all have a great week, and always remember how much God loves and cares for you. 

Thank you for all of your support and emails. You guys are the greatest!

Con amor,
Hermana Frank

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Temple Trip!!

We were lucky enough to be in the same session with Elder Alba, who is a member of the 70! He hopped in a picture with us and greeted us all personally. He's so awesome!

Hola familia y amigos!!

I hope you all had a great week, and noticed the tender mercies from the Lord! This week, we had the wonderful opportunity to go to the temple, which is a privilege given only every 6 months. So we were so so excited to go, and really enjoyed it. I love the temple because it is a temporary retreat from the world, where we can feel the spirit so strongly. I know that the Lord loves us so much, he loves me, the people I am teaching, all of you, and all His other children around the world. It was such a blessing to be able to go and feel of His love.

We also had a really spiritual experience this week with a couple named Ricardo and Dora. We tracted into them on Easter and they said they were looking for a church, so we invited them to ours but they didn't come. Then this week they showed up! We sat by them, explained everything, members fellowshipped them, and they loved church! We had a return appointment, in which we were planning on teaching the Restoration. However, when we got there and started, we both felt prompted to teach the Plan of Salvation. They loved it, and said it answered so many of their questions no one else could answer. At the end of the lesson, Dora said the most heartfelt prayer, and was brought to tears. The spirit was so strong and testified to their hearts that what we are sharing is true. They are so prepared and I cannot wait to keep teaching them!

The Plan of Salvation is such a powerful lesson, and it was such a testimony to me that truly it is God's plan. He loves us so much, and has given us a way to be with our families forever!! I am so grateful for the knowledge I have of the Plan of Salvation and the opportunity to be a missionary and share it! 

I love you all tons, and am so grateful for you all!

Have a great week!
Hermana Frank

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Staying here in Cumorah!

Hello everyone!!

This week was so great, and we didn't get any transfer calls so Hermana Ramirez and I will be staying here in Cumorah!! We are super excited, especially because we have a lot of progressing investigators and we get to continue working with them together! 

Yesterday was great, and speaking to my family was such a blessing! I love them so much and am so grateful for all their support and love. It was fun to see that nothing has changed and it brought back lots of great memories. :)

This week we had both Elsy and Carmen at church! They both loved it, and loved the priesthood giving us food during relief society haha. And it was so cute because I have Elsys son a ctr ring, hlj in spanish, and he loved it! Shout out to my mom for sending them to me, all the kids love them! He ran out to the car when his dad came to pick then up, and said look dad! Haz lo justo!! It was so cute. :)

I also truly saw the gift of tongues this week on exchanges. An English sister, Sister Hansen, came here to Cumorah, and my trainer went with the other sister to an English area. Sister Hansen didn't know any spanish, and so I was left translating lessons, calling people, and tracting, everything in spanish was up to me. I was so so nervous, and prayed and fasted for the gift of tongues, and I saw miracles! I was able to teach lessons with power, and understand what people were saying! I know that everything is possible with the Lord, and He is waiting to bless us, we just need to reach out to Him. 

Overall this week was amazing, we met lots of cool people and saw miracles. I love being a missionary!

Thank you all again for everything, I hope you have a great week!!

Con amor,
Hermana Frank 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Chicken Agua

Hola familia y amigos!!

This week was so absolutely amazing I don't even know where to start....

First I guess I will start by addressing the title. We have an investigator, named Macaria, whom I have talked about before. She is so sweet and humble, and doesn't have much, but loves to share. She invited us over for lunch, and she made what her niƱetos call, chicken agua. Haha it is caldo de pollo really, which is chicken broth, and it was delicious! She was so happy to have us over! She is so much happier than when we first started visiting her, even though she is going through hard things. When we got to talking, we found out why! She told us she has been reading and she had questions about the BoM for us! She finished 1 Nephi and is now in 2nd Nephi. Even though her reading glasses were broken, she still took time to study every day and loves it so much. And we truly have seen a difference in her countenance! It is so amazing! 

Missionary work is such a blessing because we get to see the changes that come into people's lives as they live the principles of the gospel and commandments. This week we visited a man named Jose, and when we taught him the Restoration and gave him the BoM, he was so grateful. He said, "wow, this is the greatest treasure anyone could ever give me. This is my future!" And we were both like, yes Jose! It is! He is so cute, and loves talking and visiting with us. Whenever we call him, he talks forever about the Book of Mormon and then asks us what we ate for breakfast. He is so random, and we love him!

We also have another investigator who is seeing the blessings of the BoM as well. Her name is Elsy, and she is one of the best people I know. She loves listening to the BoM all the time at work, at home, in the car on her phone. Because she listens to it at work, we were knocking on doors this week, and came across one of the ladies she works with! Her name is Mireya. Even crazier connection, we were also teaching Mireyas daughter! She said that she has been curious about what we were teaching her daughter (we had never met her, her daughter just told her about us) and also was curious about what Elsy was listening to! She said while she had it on at work, she listened to it to and really loved it! Elsy isn't even a member yet, and is already being a missionary! She told us that she loves spending time with us, and wishes she didn't have so many responsibilities so she could come knock doors with us. And her cute son (he is 6 years old), when they came to church this week, told me, "I want to do this one day" and pointed to my tag. I said, "You want to be a missionary?" And he said emphatically, "yeah!" I told him that he could, and his eyes got big and he said, "how?!"

I could go on and on about the miracles we saw this week and the people I have met and continue to meet, but I won't bore y'all too badly. 

I just really want to bear my testimony to anyone who has made it this far in my email, that I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It changes lives, and brings peace and happiness. I have seen countless lives change because of the relief it brings, and I encourage everyone to read it and study it daily. Even if it's listening to it at work, reading one verse before bed, whatever you can do. The Lord blesses those who are striving to learn and draw nearer to Him.

I am so grateful for this gospel and for all of you and your support. And to the mothers out there, happy mothers day!!!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Frank