Tuesday, May 22, 2018

May 21, 2018

This week was awesome! It has been really rainy and humid and hot, so biking is an adventure but it has honestly been so much fun.

We had a lot of success this week, and talked to so many people. We found a new investigator named Christi, who is so prepared to hear the gospel. She has gone through a lot of trials, but she is so willing to listen and change and she soaks up all of the things we are teaching her. It is so great! 

This week we are going to the temple, so we have little time to email...but,
I love y'all tons!
Hermana Frank 

Sunday, May 20, 2018

May 14, 2018

Hello everyone! 

This Saturday I had the opportunity to go to the temple with Magaly, a recent convert in Riverside. She is so sweet and was so excited. It was amazing to see her again, and the spirit was so strong in the temple. She really enjoyed it. I am so grateful for temples and the spirit that they bring into our lives. I know that  as we go to the temple more frequently we will feel the spirit more abundantly in our lives and see so many blessings. Also, it was cool because I was able to bring 4 family names and do their work! 

Afterwards, we went out to eat with her and a member from the branch. I am so grateful for them and their friendship. I absolutely love all the people here and am so blessed to be serving in Georgia!

Anyways, this week was fantastic and I am so grateful that I was able to talk to my family! I love them so much!

Thank you for all of your support and love!
Hermana Frank 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

May 7, 2018

This week was so great. We had a lot of meetings, but we still found time to tract and teach lessons and have lots of fun! 

We were able to find quite a few new investigators this week, and we are so excited to continue teaching them! We have seen so many miracles this past week, it is so insane. I love missionary work!

Oh, this week we also had stake conference and because the stake was split we had Elder Alba and Elder Costa from the 70 come and speak to us. It was so cool and the spirit was so strong! I learned so much.

I love this gospel and I love being a missionary and I love you all!
Have a good week! 
Hermana Frank

Saturday, May 5, 2018

April 30, 2018

This week was a week of miracles and blessings. Every week on the mission my companion and I see miracles and tender mercies, but this week they were just pouring down! At the end of the week my companion and I both fasted just to give thanks for all the many blessings we saw!

First of all, on Saturday we were tracting and met this sweet family. We taught them a lesson, and they all came to church! We were so pumped!

We found so many amazing people to teach this week, and we just saw that the Lord truly has prepared so many people here in this area to hear the gospel! By the end of the week we ended up finding 10 new investigators and they are all super solid and excited to learn! So yayyyy!  

I love being a missionary! This church is true! And never forget how much God loves you!

Stay peachy, 
Hermana Frank🍑

April 23, 2018

Hello everyone!!

Holy cow...where to even begin.... this week has been an adventure. I am so blessed with an amazing companion and we have worked so hard this week!

We are whitewashing in, so neither of us know the area, but that has been great because we have seen so many miracles. We knocked into quite a few families and we are so excited to teach them all! This one family was so sweet, they let us right in and fed us dinner, and told us they looked forward to coming to church! 

Another family was able to make it to church this week so yay! The work in this area is really taking off and we are so excited to be here!

It's the boonies and there are so many dirt roads and trees and it is absolutely beautiful here. My companion is bomb and its just peachy!

Love you all!
Hermana Frank

April 16, 2018

Hello everyone!! 

I don't have much time today, we got crazy news, I am going to be transferred!! Ahhh tomorrow I am headed to a new zone to be companions with one of my best mission friends, Sister Patching! I am so pumped but also so nervous. Also, lots of tears because I've been here for so long everyone is just like family. I love the people here and I love Hispanics, and I won't be in a Spanish area in my next area. But I'm excited for the new challenge and I know the Lord is guiding President Marsh and I'm going where He wants me to go!

This week was fantastic though, we had lots of lessons with some really amazing families. People are so sweet and kind, and at the beginning of the week we had a powerful lesson with a super great family about the book of mormon. We are excited to continue meeting with them!

Also, I forgot to talk about this but a couple weeks ago we had a lady come to church who is not a member and when we were talking about the new ministering program in relief society she started crying. She told us she felt the spirit of love so strong in the room. The opportunity we have to serve others is so fantastic and I hope we never forget to minister to others as Christ did!

I love you all!
Have a great week!
Hermana Frank 

April 9, 2018

This week was fantastic!!!!

I am trying to remember what we even did....

Well, we were able to see Magaly finally get confirmed this Sunday!! It was awesome, she was so excited and it was so cute to see her so happy. I am so grateful for the opportunity to get to know her and love her so much.

We also had exchanges with the Spanish sisters this week. I went to Canton with Hermana Oldham (my MTC companion) which was an absolute blast. There were so many people that spoke Spanish there! I have honestly completely fallen in love with the Hispanic culture. They are all so kind, and even if they don't have much to give, they give you something anyways. We ate like 5 bananas and a lot of other treats in the 5 hours we were teaching lessons and talking to people haha. 

Anyways, I absolutely love the people here in Riverside. We spent the week talking to lots of people, as usual, and I just feel a sense of Gods love for each of the people we talk to! He truly loves us so much. 

I love you all tons! Thanks for your examples and emails!! 
Hermana Frank