Saturday, July 1, 2017

What to expect when you're shares

Well, transfer calls were this week, and I was given the amazing opportunity to train the new hermana coming out! Her name is also Hermana Ramirez haha which is pretty funny. But I am so excited! Overwhelmed and full of feelings of inadequacy, but super excited nonetheless. :) and yes, we get to now share a car with the elders, which means a lot more biking. But hey that's alright, I know blessings will come from biking and who knows, maybe our next baptism will be a biking contact!

This week was full of miracles and great moments. The best thing was this week, we had a baptism of a little girl named Alexandra. It was so cute to see her baptized and how happy her family was. (They are all members). I asked her after how she felt, and she was so happy and you could tell. It was so cute to see, and it made me so glad and grateful for this gospel that blesses the lives of families so much!

We also got to teach the sweetest family this week. They were a referral from all the way down in papermill, so we had to drive a long ways to get there. Once we were almost there, we realized that we were on the border of not just our area, but our mission. We had an appointment with them in 15 minutes, so we quickly called people and received permission to go visit them. They are so elect! The spirit was so strong in the lesson, and the cute daughter (she is 11) is the only member because her grandma is a member and she used to go to church with her. She wants to go to the temple really badly, and her family is really open to coming to church and learning more. We have to pass them along to the missionaries in the Atlanta mission, but it was such a spiritual experience teaching them and I am so grateful for that opportunity!

I love this work and I love being a missionary! I love you all and am so grateful for your support! And if you have any advice for me for training, please let me know! Haha

Have a great week!

Hermana Frank

The cute family we taught from Honduras. It was the dad's birthday so they shared the cake with us.
Carmen and us. :)
The closest thing to snow here in Georgia.
I caught a firefly for her because she had never seen one. (It was sister Murdoch we were on exchanges)
Our district. I dunno how it happened where the shortest and the tallest were put side by side but ugh whatever yeah I'm short.

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